Finchingfield Parish Council


Policy NameDownloadNext Review Date
Filming FPC Commercial Filming and Photography Policy Sep 23September 2024
Internet BankingInternet Banking Policy 2023June 2024
PrivacyFPC Privacy Notice 2023October 2024
ComplaintsFPC Complaints Policy 2023September 2024
Code of ConductFPC Code of ConductSeptember 2024
AccessibilityFPC Accessibility Statement.2023October 2024
Standing OrdersFPC Standing Orders 2023June 2024
Grant Award PolicyFPC Grant Policy and FormSeptember 2024
Financial RegulationsFPC Financial RegsJune 2024
Reserves PolicyFPC Reserves Policy 2023June 2024
Risk RegisterRisk Register 2023June 2024
Email PolicyFPC Email PolicySeptember 2024
Social MediaFPC Social Media Policy 2023October 2024
Freedom of InformationFPC FOI Policy 2023September 2024
Publications SchemeFPC Publications Scheme policyOctober 2024
Data ProtectionFPC Data Protection policy 2023October 2024
Health & SafetyFPC Helath & Safety policy 2023October 2024